Dole Fresh Fruit Map
Dole Fresh Fruit is a division of Dole plc and a market leading vertically integrated producer and distributor of multiple varieties of bananas and pineapples. Dole produces both organically and conventionally grown fruit in company-owned banana and pineapple farms and sources from independent producers in various countries throughout Latin America including Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Dole Fresh Fruit owns and operates its own fleet of 13 containerised vessels dedicated to delivering its fruit products to North America and Europe. Dole markets its products under the iconic DOLE ® brand, as well as other brands, directly from the source to its retail, food service and ecommerce customers or through its own ripening and distribution network.

Dole Fresh Fruit is focused on delivering the highest quality produce to its customers thanks to its more than a century of banana and pineapple farming knowledge and operational excellence in the supply chain. Dole has released a set of ambitious sustainability 2025 and 2030 goals and is committed to continuously improve its sustainability practices and performance.

DOLE® Golden Pineapple