What makes us different?

Local at heart, global by nature, Dole plc is different. We are the local fresh produce supplier: in tune with the local market, attentive to local needs, champion of local produce and local producers. We’re always willing to go the extra mile.

We are the global leader in fresh produce. We bring collective strengths and core competencies, global reach and resources. We’re present from farm to fork, seed to store. We extract costs and add value.

We deliver the best of both worlds.

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Our Global Reach

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Our Diverse Produce Portfolio

Our Diverse Profile Our Diverse Profile Our Diverse Profile Our Diverse Profile

Our Global Infrastructure

Logistical excellence and supply chain optimisation lies at the very heart of Dole plc’s value proposition. Our strategic assets and deep sourcing and distribution network give us superior reach, influence and control over the entire supply chain. With 114 acres of own farmland, 11 vessels, 5 manufacturing plants, approximately 75 packing houses and 160 distribution facilities, we can offer our customers security of supply, economies of scale, supply chain integrity and best practices from farm to fork and inherently flexible and reliable services. This is true at a global level but also in individual markets across Europe and North America too. This combination of global reach and on the ground resources is difficult to replicate and represents an important point of difference for Dole plc in the marketplace.

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Best-In-Class Category Management

Fresh produce is widely recognised as a key category across global retail. The capacity to meet and exceed consumer expectations on the retail shelf is a defining core competency. Dole plc is committed to leading the way in reliable, innovative category management. We seamlessly deliver the basics: assuring continuity and consistency of supply of fresh produce grown in accordance with best agronomic and sustainable practices across 52 weeks of the year. We extract costs: bringing synergies and efficiencies to the supply chain. We add value: presenting innovative packaging, promotional and sustainable solutions and concepts to retailers across the globe. We are our customers point of difference.

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Our Brand

A brand forged on a commitment to “quality, quality, quality”, Dole has become synonymous with quality, all over the world. The clear market leader in the United States, it is recognised, trusted and liked by consumers across Europe, North America and beyond. Across the fresh produce industry also, it is known and respected name, one associated with best practices and innovation. The value of the brand, however transcends recognition alone. It offers a focal point for adding value to our range. It is often the conduit through which we establish insights into consumer behaviour in the marketplace. It is often the catalyst for New Produce Development and innovation in packaging. It is the standard bearer which compels us to raise the bar when it comes to best agronomic and sustainability practices. It is also the means through which we engage the consumer. Our aspiration, always is to inspire, educate and empower consumers to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Through innovative and contemporary brand related marketing communications and promotions we seek to do just that- engaging consumers to drive our category forward.

DOLE brand products