Local at heart, global by nature

The reach, breadth and quality of Dole plc’s international infrastructure sets us apart. Local at heart, global by nature our operations and vertically integrated supply chain extends right across individual markets and throughout Europe and the America’s. Our on the ground presence in the world’s primary growing regions and key markets is unrivalled. Throughout this integrated network our individual business units work together to deliver the best of both world’s- bespoke services to local businesses, exceptional produce from across the world and close to home and the collective strengths and resources of our group. It is a compelling combination.

Our business units and products

Dole plc operates four primary reportable segments: Fresh Fruit, Diversified EMEA and Diversified Americas & ROW and Fresh Vegetables. Though strategically aligned, these segments are managed separately on a day to day basis, reflecting differences in geography, product portfolio’s, production processes, distribution channels and customer profiles.

Within these segments, individual business units are in place to provide bespoke, customised services. Our operations are diverse and flexible. Primary activities vary and may be centred on production, manufacturing or processing hubs, ripening facilities, distribution hubs, logistics as well as sales and marketing.

At the heart of all our operations lies the consumer. At production, our units work to close the gap between the consumer and the grower- ensuring best agronomic and sustainable practices and refining the supply chain to deliver the shortest route to market.

In the marketplace, units may focus on a broad cross section of retail, wholesale and foodservice, processing and e-commerce customers or operate as specialist product or market orientated businesses. On the ground business units set us apart. The availability of local facilities, operations and logistics differentiates our capacities while our local people bring invaluable experience, expertise and local know-how that differentiates our service.

fresh fruits

Dole Fresh Fruit is a division of Dole plc and a market leading vertically integrated producer and distributor of multiple varieties of bananas and pineapples.

Dole diversified produce

Dole Fresh Vegetables is a division of Dole plc and one of the largest fresh and cut vegetable producers and distributors in North America.

fresh vegetables

Dole Diversified EMEA includes Dole plc’s Irish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, UK, Swedish, Danish, Eastern European, South African and Brazilian businesses, each of which sell a variety of imported and local fresh fruits and vegetables through retail, wholesale, e-commerce and in some instances foodservice channels across the European marketplace.

fresh produce america

The Diversified Fresh Produce (Americas & ROW) segment includes Dole plc’s U.S., Canadian and Chilean businesses, all of which market globally and locally sourced fresh produce. These businesses can vary in nature from primary production to wholesale operations, retail orientated marketers and specialist businesses dedicated to specific lines or categories. A shared commitment to quality and a customer-centric approach to commercial relationships unites these businesses.