Our Mission

To Make The World A Healthier Place

First and foremost, in Dole plc we are fresh produce enthusiasts. We are committed to being powerful advocates for nutrition, good health and well-being. To this end, we are committed to educating, inspiring and empowering consumers to make healthier lifestyle choices and to find the fun in fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Our Corporate Values

Across our 170 year history, Dole plc has evolved to embrace a shared philosophy incorporating guiding values and principles which define how we do our business.

Our culture has grown from this philosophy and has been enriched by the contribution of international partners who have joined our family along the way so that today, we have a clear understanding of our responsibilities and what it is to be part of and represent Dole plc.

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We Care About

Grounded, Different, Collaborative, Innovative, Passionate and Responsible, our values speak to how we see ourselves in Dole plc and the characteristics inherent to us that drive us forward. In defining what we care about: Planet, Produce, Partnership, Prosperity, Communities, People and Health & Nutrition, we explicitly define our priorities. How we pursue these priorities, which we categorise under For Nature, For People and For Food, is detailed in our Sustainability Report which can be viewed, here.